Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The latest models of massage chair use a very innovative feature known as the Zero Gravity technology to add more effectiveness and comfort to the massage. Before you can understand the importance of a Zero Gravity massage chair, you need to understand what a Zero Gravity position actually is. They make use of a position that NASA recommended for astronauts to take during takeoff. By taking this special position, the astronauts are able to manage the sudden changes in gravitational field during take off without putting too much stress on their spine. Many massage chairs have started to make use of this technology for many different reasons. Here are the most important ones:

Removes pressure from your spine:

In the Zero Gravity position your back is reclined and your legs are raised above your heart so that the effects of natural gravity are distributed evenly throughout your body instead of putting the entire pressure on your spinal column.

Improves breathing:

In this reclined position of your body the pressure on your diaphragm is also reduced enabling the lungs to expand and contract freely. By improving the function of your lungs, this position will also improve your breathing so that your blood is oxygenated properly and sufficiently.

Improves blood flow:

While the body is in this position, your heart is able to function better since it has to pump the blood horizontally which is easier in the presence of gravity than pumping it vertically against the push of the gravity when the body is in standing position. Pumping blood away from your legs is especially difficult for your heart in any regular position but the Zero Gravity Technology eliminates this trouble. You can get complete health benefits tips and tricks including best massage chair reviews here.

Enhanced relaxation:

All of the above mentioned factors working in coordination help build the most relaxed sensation you have ever experienced. Your entire body relaxes and relieves you of much of the stress or tension you might have been experiencing because of a tough day or anxiety. Your neck and back are the areas which experience the most pressure and Zero Gravity position helps you by taking the pressure off these areas to let you experience a relaxing and comfortable massage.

All these benefits contribute to the most comfortable and relaxing massage that you can ever imagine. This is the reason why the most renowned massage chair companies have adopted this technology to improve the massaging experience that their chairs provide for an unmatched experience.