Uses of a Mini Food Processor

A mini food processor is not much different from a regular food processor except in its size and price. Although small in size and much cheaper than its bigger counterpart, it can efficiently perform all or most of the functions of a regular food processor. It usually has a processing bowl with 1 to 4 cups capacity and can chop, grind, mince and mix many different kinds of ingredients that are added to the bowl. Apart from being lightweight and compact in size, there are many recipes where you will find this little tool more useful than the regular sized food processor.

Here are some uses where a mini food processor might be the best tool for the job:

Chopping or mincing vegetables:

Chopping little quantities of vegetables for salads or stews is a lot easier when done using a mini food processor rather than using a knife or a regular sized food processor for the job. You can also mince the vegetables if you like by letting the machine run for a longer time. Keep checking the texture at intervals while processing so that you can know when you need to stop.

Single servings of guacamole:

If you are in the mood for a personal serving guacamole for breakfast, simply take out your mini food processor, add a coarsely chopped avocado, lemon juice, dried onion and garlic salt to the bowl and process until you get a smooth paste.

Homemade Baby Food:

Even if you are making multiple servings of baby food to be stored for future use, a regular sized food processor will often be too big for the job. A mini food processor is just the right size for pureeing little quantities of cooked apples, pears and green peas. After cooking the ingredients, let them cool down a bit before pureeing them in the food processor. You can add a little water or milk if you want thinner consistency for your baby.

Chopping nuts:

Chopping little quantities of nuts to add to a recipe can be impossible for a large food processor. In the absence of a mini food processor you will have to take out your old mortar and use much of your energy to do the job.  Food Processor Hub is the trending website to read food processor reviews and buy online.


You can add onions, tomatoes, cilantro and flavorings to the processing bowl for a quick salsa.

The simple operation and simple cleaning that it offers makes it quite a favorite among many cooks. Whenever a recipe requires processing of small quantities of ingredients, you can count on your mini food processor to do the job for you.