Why Must Everyone Own A Cold Press Juicer?

Homemade juices are a great source of nutrients and make an excellent breakfast. Fresh juices boost your energy and are sufficient to keep you fresh and active through the day. The newest cold press technique that has been developed makes these juices even more nutritious by slowly squeezing out the juice while making sure that none of the nutrients or living enzymes is destroyed in the process. The only thing you have to compromise on in return for a delicious, healthy juice is time. ‘Slow juicing’ is, as evident by the name, a slow process. It will take longer to extract the juice than one of those traditional juicers. However, in return for a little time if you are getting a nutritious drink, I think it’s a good bargain. Here are some of the most significant reasons why everyone must have a cold press juicer in their kitchen:

More nutritious:

The traditional juicers called the centrifugal juicers heat up during the process and this heat when it comes in contact with the ingredients or the juice will destroy most of the nutrients and enzymes in the drink. Slow juicers on the other hand use a slow process to extract the juice so that no heat is produced which will destroy the nutrients.

Better yield:

Another advantage of juicing through a cold press juicer is a much higher yield in contrast to the old centrifugal juicers. These slow juicers will, in general, produce 30% greater juicer as compared to the traditional juicers. This makes a cold press juicer a cost-effective choice in the long run since you will have to buy fewer fruits and vegetables to produce the same amount of juice.


The fast spinning blades of the traditional juicers draw in a lot of air inside the juicer which combines and reacts with the juice to produce froth on the surface. Another disadvantage of this oxidized juice is that it will not stay fresh for long. You will have to consume it right away if you want maximum benefit from it. In contrast, the slow juicing process of a slow juicer will ensure that no air gets sucked into the juicer therefore the juice is not oxidized and will stay fresh for over 72 hours. If you want to purchase the best cold press juicer of top brands click here.

Improved flavor:

Since a slow juicer makes sure there is no froth in the juice drink and the pulp is completely removed, you can expect a better flavor of the juice rather than that from a fast juicer. Those who have tasted a cold pressed juice would understand what I am talking about.


Many slow juicers will offer you with many more services besides juicing. Some can be used as a complete food processor along with a juicer. They can be used for making baby food, nut butter, nut milk, desserts, ground coffee and much more.

You will have to use one to see just how it benefits you. Those who already have one are thrilled with it and I’m sure you will love it too.